When choosing a real estate company to list your home, Sellers generally have two options: Go with a big company, which charges you a big commission, or go with a discount broker that puts your home on the MLS and then crosses their fingers for a sale. At Nelson Family Realty, we now give you a better choice. If you work with us to purchase your next home, we will list and sell your current home for only 3.99% and provide as much or more marketing/services than the big companies do. If you do not purchase your next home through us, your commission rate is still only 4.99%, which is still much lower than what you may find with the other guys.

Large real estate companies often charge you a 6-7% commission to list your home. Why so much? Between big, beautiful buildings, multiple internal departments, managers and employees to handle all of their agents, they need to charge a higher rate just to cover that overhead. At Nelson Family Realty, we are a family business with an updated business model, allowing us to organize and operate our own company without the need for the same overhead. Those savings are then passed along to you, the Sellers!

Keep in mind that the 3.99-4.99% commission is split between us and the agent that brings in the buyer, to whom we pay out 2.7%. However, if you yourself finds the buyer for your home, that 2.7% is returned to you! That's complete marketing, guidance, and representation for as low as 1.29%!

Nelson Family Realty offers:

- Full real estate services at a fraction of the cost, listing homes from only 3.99%.

- Exceptional marketing and presentation of your home including:

-  Professional photography

-  Staging consultations

-  Full MLS exposure

-  Virtual tours

-  Very broad internet advertising

- Updated market evaluations

- Step by step guidance from listing to closing and beyond

- Much more exclusive representation

In 2017, we also launched our Military and Law Enforcement Program. As a measure of our profound gratitude to the men and women who serve and have served, Nelson Family Realty will reduce our already low commission rates by an additional half of a percent to 3.5%-4.5% for all active law enforcement, military, and veterans. Your sacrifice and dedication is appreciated beyond measure. On behalf of our nation and communities, we humbly thank you.

Since 1990, our family has served yours with integrity and dedication. With over 1,000 sales to date, we have the experience, knowledge and drive to make your real estate dreams come true. Contact us today to learn how we can make it happen… Together!

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