New Construction

New Construction

Building a new home is exciting. You get to build your dream from the ground up, choosing your lot, your floor plan, interior finishes and upgrades. But like any home purchase, buying new construction is serious business, an expensive transaction with multiple financial implications.

"I don't need an agent when building a home, right?" We get that question often and the simple answer is: YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED SOMEONE REPRESENTING YOU WITH NEW CONSTRUCTION!! Remember, no matter how nice and friendly the person sitting in the model is, they are legally bound to represent the interests of the builder, not you.

So why should Nelson Family Realty represent you? For 15 years, Mark Nelson of Nelson Family Realty represented builders. He was the guy sitting in the models, designing and pricing homes for the builder and working on the projects from start to finish. Since then, Mark has taken all that knowledge and put it to work by representing buyers who want to build their new home. He has worked with dozens of the finest home builders in the Twin Cities and has been involved in over 400 new construction projects throughout his career.

Buyer representation is provided at no cost to you, because the commission for our services has already been built into the price of the home. If you are not represented, the price will not be reduced. The builder simply pockets an extra 2.7% from your purchase or it goes to the builder's salesperson. Since the builder has a real estate representative watching out for their interests, shouldn't you also have expert representation watching our for you? Using an agent for purchasing new construction will keep your best interests in mind against a seller who is trying to maximize his net profit on the home sale.

Remember: The friendly onsite agent/salesperson is hired to represent the builder's best interests. If a buyer chooses not to be represented by their own agent, that savings goes right back to the builder or their salesperson without providing any discounts to the buyer.

A new home has over 3 million components and putting those components together is a very complicated process. Every builder has their own way of doing things and it's important to know how to work with them. When looking for an agent to hire that can truly represent your interests, it's critically important to have someone who speaks the language and thoroughly understands all aspects of the new construction process. From lot selection to building permit and footings to shingles, Mark Nelson and Nelson Family Realty can help you create your dream home.

When making a visit to a model home, be sure to let the salesperson know that you are being represented by Nelson Family Realty.

By doing so, here are just some of your advantages of working with us:

-Exclusive Representation

-Professional negotiating on price, terms, and options

-Providing many years of home design experience to help you get your floor plan the way you want it

-Research on the track record of builders you are considering, as well as their neighborhoods, site plans, grading plans, etc.

-Advice on the impact of styles, upgrades, and locations as it pertains to future resale

-Advocating on all phases of the new construction process, such as the contract, financing, construction methods, site surveys, inspections, walkthroughs, and closing

-Assistance with the timing of your move as it relates to the sale and closing of your current home (listed for only 3.99%)

-Be your voice if there are any issues that come up with the builder


  Being represented is not only free… It’s Priceless!!

  Contact us today to see how we can make your new                     dream home a realty.

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